quick opinions, please...what do you think of this??

  1. i'm dying for a black bag, and trying to be relatively thrifty. the turnlock hobo i ordered wasn't quite big enough. what do you guys think of this? i'm deciding if the zippers make it too casual??

    ps - did i hear a rumor about a 20% off coupon at active endeavors?? anyone have the code??
  2. ^ Cute bag, go for it if you like it.
    If I remember correctly, this line's leather is not as soft as the Turnlock's. Do you like Turnlock Bowler in Dark Brown?

    Yes, there's always a 20% (sometimes 25%) off offer for ActiveEndeavors, the promotion code can be found at toutie.com. It believe it's TOUTIE.
  3. I THINK IT IS WAY CUTE! you could totally spice it up too with a pucci scarf or something :smile:
  4. i actually hated the turnlock bowler when i first saw it, but it's grown on me a lot :smile: i'd probably prefer the black, though the dark brown is actually prettier, IMO (i just really need a black handbag).

    hmm, if the leather's not the same, that's a toughie. is it still pretty good quality? one thing i noticed about the turnlock hobo (while i had it) was that the dye rubbed off a little...i wonder if this would have the same issue.

    do you guys think i could wear this with a more professional outfit as well, or is it strictly casual?
  5. i think you could totally work this with a business blazer and pencil skirt, blazer & jeans, but i dont think i'd wear it with a full suit
  6. I don't think the zippers make it to casual. You could definetly dress up an outfit with it, and I love the idea of tying a scarf on to it!
  7. okay, so do we like this one better than the turnlock hobo? i am being so indecisive!

    lol - i could decide in 3 seconds that i wanted to buy a hudson, but the (relatively) cheap bag is the one i agonize over. sad.

  8. I like that first one better.
  9. I like the 1st bag.
  10. i really dont like tha hobo....................
  11. I like the hobo shape a lot! But maybe because I don't carry a lot? I can't wait to see what you decide ;)
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