Quick! Opinions on this necklace for my daughter!

  1. My 14 year old is about to turn 15 and shes been dropping hints about a nice necklace. She loves Juicy Couture and I saw this necklace while browsing Nordstrom. The anniversary sale took $50 off of it and the sale ends tomorrow! Please voice any opinions!
    Heres some pics from the Nordstom site:

  2. I think it's cute, and if she loves Juicy, then she's sure to love it!
  3. I think it's cute...does she have a small frame though? It looks kind of big if she has a smaller frame but if she's taller or not too skinny it would work perfectly. :smile:
  4. very cute, she is sure to love it!
  5. She is pretty tall -5'8 I think. Ive decided to buy it. Thanks so much for your opinions!
  6. Cute necklace! You did a great job picking it out.
    She'll enjoy it!
  7. If she doesn't like it, let me know. I'll take it:graucho::rolleyes:
    She'll LOVE IT!
  8. Go for it! I have the matching bracelet and I love it!
  9. That looks like a perfect present. I hope she has a great birthday! :smile:
  10. Great Present, i hope she enjoys her 15th Birthday!
  11. love it, very cute.
  12. That's SO cute! I hope you got it! :heart:
  13. Def cute!