Quick opinions on this bag please

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I have put aside for me a Balenciaga large silver (holiday) bowling bag UK £499 (I think that's roughly half price from what it was originally) and was going to pick it up tomorrow.

    The bag is light for it's size but looks sturdy enough for bottles of water, books etc (important to me)

    Now the thing is All the Balenciaga girls/ladies/guys seemed to HATE this bag when it came out 2008

    I'm not usually a Bal girl (although the City/work/PT look great on others). But I think with a lot of wearing in this bag might be a good carry on/gym bag

    I have more (all leather) Guccis, Chanels, LV luggage, Chloe, BVs etc so quite varied I guess (I'm a roamer on TPF)

    Please tell me what you think. Am I mad to be buying what the Bal experts agree to hate? Will I hate it in a months time?

    If I buy this I can't buy an Epi speedy 30 but it won't change the other 2 (extra posh) bags I hope to but this fall/wiinter

    Give it to me straight guys.

    Does anyone else like this bag?

    Iv'e never asked for your opinions before so I'm a bit nervous.:P

  2. I like the shape and size of this bag. Also, I like bright, shiny finishes on bags. However, I'm not sure I love this bag in this particular color. Because this bag is somewhat large and structured, it will definitely be a big attention grabber in the bright silver color. I'm a total Bal lover. My only worry would be that I would scratch up the finish on the bag and it wouldn't look great after that. If you are really in love with it, then go for it. But don't buy it because of the price. I prefer Bal to LV, but in this case I think that an epi Speedy would have more staying power than this particular Bal.

  3. That's really interesting for me.

    Some Bal girls said that this bag is more for an LV lover (I don't think thay meant that in a good way - but never mind) rather than a Balenciaga fan.
  4. ^^^Maybe it's because I'm not an official hardcore Bal Gal. I love Bal, but I love Chanel, Hermes, Lanvin, and lots of other goodies too! Good luck with your decision!
  5. oh boy, I really don't care for this bal at all. I'm not a lv fan but I'd go with the speedy instead. however i haven't seen this so maybe it looks better irl. don't get something just because of price. get what you love. good luck deciding.
  6. Well, you asked, so I'm telling ya'......way tooooo shiney!! It looks trendy, and you'll be remembered for carrying it, but not in a good way. I don't think you'll ever see yourself coming and going in that bag, but the glistening sheen on that bag is just way too overpowering.
  7. It's nice, it's a fashion piece. Don't think it will last. The girls are right, buy something you love not something that cost lesser.
  8. Way to shiny
  9. I'm an LV girl, but's it's a little flashly for me (nope, it's way flashyfor me) personally. What matters is if you love it!
  10. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to post here and your honest opinions are appreciated.

    Funnily - I'm actually liking the thought of the bag more today than yesterday.

    I think it's more in keeping with Balenciaga's Ghesquière designed clothes and shoes (I'm lucky enough so have a couple of things) than the other Bal bags - in that very sleek almost hard way if you KWIM (sorry Bal girls at my appalling description)

    Taking your opinions into account I think I would have to dress very minimally to adjust to the bag so this is something to take into account.

    And how can I put this - I'm not exactly flashy dresser but certainly the opposite of casual most of the time at work (media) and nights out - with one key item that provides focus.

    Anyway, I'm going down Bond St first and checking all my usual haunts LV, Gucci etc BEFORE I decide.

    But keep the comments coming because I'm very interested in your opinions.

    Again thanks so much TPFs
  11. I agree too shiny and flashy. I would also be worried about sratches. I really like the structure of the bag and think it would be great in non-shiny leather. I would definetly go with the Epi speedy, not that I'm a huge LV fan (I own one and my wife has one) but its a great bag and I think the quality and style will last a long time, I would grow out of the shiney metalic bag rather quickly.

    As far as Bal. goes I really like them but my wife doesn't own any. I did buy one for a
    X-mas present for my front desk/insurance girl in my office a couple of years ago and she loves it.
  12. The shiny fashionable material makes this bag special! I understand this is a good style for you carry on, moreover to be your gym bag.

    H/ever, do u think it is too outstanding when you carry for gym?
    Let me know your thoughts!
  13. Ha ha I was asking myself the same question. At least I would know where my bag was from the other side of the room;)

    I also think of all those pesky scratches that might happen but I think I'm OK with that.

    I've had no option but postpone the 'possible' purchase of the bag for a few days because of time pressure (as in too much time in Gucci meant I had to go straight to another appointment) Probably be Monday now if I decide to get it.

    So all future comments welcome!

    and again thanks so much for your responses
  14. Too shiny for me. I ordered a couple bags with this type of finish from different lines and when I got them I didn't like them at all. The bags I ordered were even more shiny in person.

    That being said, we're all different and if you love it don't worry about what others think!!
  15. I love the shape and the size of the bag. However, the bag is really shiny and that's the only problem that I have with the bag.