(QUICK!) :) Opinions on the Nicole in Rose - thanks

  1. I'm stalking one online right now...your opinions would help me choose - love that nicole!:confused1:
  2. Beautiful color but the leather marks up easily and because it is light colored it makes it worse. Remember my Charlie bag? (sniff)
  3. I just purchased the Nicole in Rose on Eluxury! I can't wait to get it! I've been wanting it for so long, but it was hard to find especially on sale or with discount code. Lexie, I do remember the marks on your Charlie. I really hope the scuffing does not apply to the Nicole. Any other Nicole owners out there??
  4. I passed on the deal. I'm too worried about the scuffing actually. It's a beautiful color but when I really thought about it - I know I'd only use it in the spring/summer and I already have a bunch of Khakis I want to rock LOL.........maybe the next sample sale! Good deal though!

  5. I LOOVE my Nicole... it is in Luggage though.. not Rose! I would just be careful about color transfer from jeans etc...with that lighter color. Definately spray her with leather protector!!

    I don't know how the leather on Nicole compares to the Charlie. I'll be anxious to hear what you think - I think it would be BEAUTIFUL - hope you don't have any marking issues!!
  6. Thanks for the advice Jbug! While I wait for my bag to arrive, I'm going to get a leather protector spray. I know, I know, I should have one already. So your Nicole in Luggage is holding up well? No markings?
  7. Oh I'm really torn on this...:crybaby: