Quick Opinion: Classic Flap or Petit Timeless Tote?

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  1. Ladies,

    I'm truly, truly frustrated with my search for my 1st Chanel. I had tasked a relative to buy a m/l classic flap in beige in Europe, but, to cut the long story short, all have ended in naught.

    Now, I have bought a vintage Coblentz handbag that is very much like a 2.55 reissue and am wondering if I should still get a classic flap. The problem with me is, I tend to carry many things and I find that the Coblentz, which is the size of a classic small flap, is insufficient for daily usage.

    I love the look of the Petit Timeless Tote as well. It seems roomier and may suit my daily functions better than a classic flap. However, DH suggested that I invest in a classic flap as it is the "trademark" Chanel bag, after all.

    I'm really getting freaked out of the recent price increase and would like to get a bag soon. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Have you ever considered the Jumbo Classic Flap? It's only $100 more than the medium/large classic, though that will change sometime in October when price of jumbo will be increased to $3700 as an extra cost for having an additional interior flap. The jumbo is very practical and should fit your needs. Petite Timeless tote, of course, is cheaper and also practical. Both are timeless and are permanent lines so you shouldn't have to worry about their discontinuation.
  3. flap, jumbo to fit all your stuff
  4. Thanks for the opinions! I wanted a jumbo too, unfortunately it looks disproportionate on me (I'm 5"2 and slender). Keep the advice coming in!
  5. I am 5'2" and slender also and can pull off a jumbo without any problems.
  6. Jumbo for sure. Not a fan of the PST.
  7. I kinda like the size of 226 reissue and it looks less bulky somehow when compared to a Jumbo. Now I'm getting more and more confused :P

    MarvelGirl: I meant the PTT, not PST. Dun like the PST too :smile: It's got this weird shape.
  8. Hi love_miu,

    I love the size of PTT too & that it comes with a zip top!

    If size is an issue, I think 226 is a pretty comfortable size, slightly bigger than M/L but smaller than a Jumbo. It can fit pretty much for me; a wallet, slim umbrella, iphone, coin pouch, key pouch, compact powder, lipstick.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  9. I recomend the PST, I tried on the PTT but despite the fact that I loved the zip, it was very awkward looking on me. The PST is better proportioned IMO, as well as fitting a little more I think.

    If you want a flap, go with a jumbo
  10. i vote for jumbo
  11. I would go for a flap.
  12. Classic Flap gets my vote