Quick ? on stams

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  1. what's the difference between a mina and a stam? They look the same to me. Is there even a difference?

  2. the Mina is a shoulder bag -- it doesn't have the double handles. It's also a little bit softer than the stam

    the stam is a frame bag and in addition to the longer chain, it has double leather handles.

    the Mina was also only made in the quilted elastic, while the stam is made in various types of leather




  3. Stam has handles, along with chain strap. I have both. I like my Mina, but prefer to have handles as well.
  4. ah, I see the light now. I think I like the option of having both types of handles.
  5. I also don't think the chain is detachable on the Mina (altho some people claim to carry it as an oversized clutch), but it is on the Stam (I can't remember and I no longer have mine) -- the Mina was actually the bag that convinced me that I needed a stam!
  6. is the mina the same size as the stam?? does it have the gussets like a stam??
  7. after looking back at my pics, I realized that the chain on the Mina WAS detachable
  8. is the mina done in patent leather or is it just a slight metallic?/
  9. It is a really different finish. It tends to look metallic, but it's really not. It's not really patent, either. It's just very saturated, shiny leather. It almost has that So-Cool kind of look. It's really stunning. Kind of PVC'ish. I would love to have a Quilted Elastic Stam in Green or Blue. I love the look of this leather and it would have been nice if they would have made them again. I can imagine a gorgeous brown quilted elastic.
  10. iluvmybags,what is the color of the stam you posted? I love it! :biggrin:
  11. im pretty sure it's topaz...:shrugs:
  12. ^^thanks, it just looks so different in the stock photo vs. in real life... :biggrin:
  13. i might be wrong, because i think there was a teal too??...
  14. ^ there was jun and both teal and topaz are pretty similar. the picture is of the topaz stam, but irl the color is actually more blue green than it is a pale blue.