quick ? on Coach Outlet

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  1. hi there.

    I am hoping to visit Disney in orlando sometime soon...

    Can any of you tell me if there are any coach outlets
    nearby for me to sneak into while the kiddies enjoy

    thanks !
  2. great... thanks for the fast response..

    Is it better to go on a certain day ie... guess better on weekdays than weekends ??

    or which days do they put out new stock ?
  3. The days they put out new stock varies, but weekdays are much better than weekends-- weekends, it's a ZOO.
  4. I was there on Easter Sunday, it was nuts. The only store to have a line to get into, too. One of the SAs told me that it's usually like that on Sun, Mon, and Tue. We went back on Thursday, and it was much better.
  5. There are actually 2 in Orlando!! Yeah!! Premium Outlets and also Prime outlets. Both are very close to Disnay and have different things. I have found great deals at both. Do a search and I'm sure you'll get directions and hours. Oh, there is also a Off 5th Saks outlet right next to the Coach store in the Prime Outlet and they have a bunch of Coach stuff, too! So you'll have 3 to hit in one trip! Dnagerous and fun!:idea:
  6. Yup...good info...went just this past weekend...it was MADNESS, but lots of goodies! Things fly off the shelves tho, so if you see something, lunge for it! :P
  7. Yep one is right across the interstate from Disney property! You should see the outlets on your way to Disney. There is a Mary Mother of the Universe Shrine type church to the side and then Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampeed is right there too. Loads of outlets!
  8. We may see each other! I will be in Orlando in a week-
  9. oh my ... Now I really have to save my $$$ for this...
    I was just hoping for one Coach place to shop..

    Now.. I have 3 places to go to... love it!!!
    (don't know about DH though!)

    Do you think its better to go right when they open?
    or would there be a line up for it.

  10. there are 2 things that make me giggle while driving I-4

    Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampeed and the Gaylord Palms

    don't ask me why....heheh

    can't WAIT for my Disney (AND Universal!!!) vaca in September!
  11. Dewey, leave something for me. I'll be there in October for my Anniversary. I have a xmas club to support my coach shopping. Everything else is on my husband:yahoo:

    db89, have lots of fun!!!!!