Quick! Need your thoughts on this bag :=)

  1. What do you guys think of this one? I've been hunting for this one for a while. It's 12x12 with a messenger style strap which I think is adjustable.

  2. It's not for me, though it does look very practical.
    If you like it, go for it!;)
  3. Hmm, I like the hardware contrast with the bag, but the gold starts to look a bit much after staring at it a while ... I can't decide if I like it or not, but it's definitely interesting.
  4. I think the only reason why I like it is I saw it on Liv Tyler. She looked fab with it, but probably because she's over 6' tall! I'm a shorty so it probably would drown me after all.
  5. It doesn't look that big ... maybe you could post pictures of you wearing it and get some fb?
  6. I like it. It's got a jimmy choo vibe! Is it blue?
  7. Actually I don't have the bag, was just checking it out and wondering how it would look on me. It's black not blue :=)
  8. I think it's just so so.
  9. I think it's a little too buckly for me. It would look wonderful on someone tall I think!

    Here's liv with it --> as usual she looks great :biggrin: I'm noticing that the one I found has more shiny gold and Liv's hardware looks more matte gold.

  10. A little too much buckles for me but I like it still.
  11. I really like it. really really really like it. and I don't usually go for black bags. get it and post more pictures.
  12. I definitely like it, but it's a little too busy for me... I agree that it would look smashing on someone tall too.

    I would definitely like to see more pics though! :biggrin: :nuts:
  13. It is definitely a rocker bag so if you have that kind of style, I think it would be perfect for you.
  14. I like it because I just like anything with buckles, but at the same time the buckles on that one are a bit overwhelming.
  15. It looks fab on Liv but I don't think it would look that good on me :biggrin: