Quick MOCA question...

  1. Can anyone remember how much the LV canvas pictures are that are for sale at MOCA, there is white MC, Brown and Cerises.

  2. $1016 + tax.... i saw it somewhere in one of the threads here before.... not sure if i got that right....
  3. You're right!

    I looked but couldn't find it but I tried another search and just found it
  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that the first 50 of these pieces were sold for $6,000 USD, the second half of the set were sold for $10,000 USD.
  5. I think that was an eBay auction I remember reading that too somewhere
  6. John is right! 1-50 were $6000, and 51-100 were $10,000.
  7. ^Yup. :yes:
    I really liked the Cerises one.
  8. Yeah I saw the reciepts for them, very $$$$$

    I wouldn't spend the $ lol
  9. $10,000.000 ... OH NO!! So exp..