quick LV protection question

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  1. I have a monogram speedy 25 and i bought some appleguard aerosol spray to protect it. Do you just spray it on the leather parts like handles & stuff or do you spray the whole entire bag??? Sorry if this is posted somewhere, i couldn't fine thid exact question...
  2. just the leather
  3. :yes: . Now just a warning. Because you're using appleguard, don't freak out that the vachette has turned dark. Give it some time to dry and it will be fine. May take longer than normal depending on how much you put on. It feels a bit greasy
  4. thank you guys! :smile:
  5. Good luck!
  6. OMG some got on the actual bag and not just the handles is that OK? shoudl i wipe it off?
  7. ^ it's fine- just wipe it off with a towel! it's greasy, fyi.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.