Quick lowdown on classic flaps

  1. I have been reading about the classic flaps and reissues in this subforum earnestly. I am afraid that I am now suffering from information overload and gettin totally confused now over the tyoes and size of these bags. Could some one help me please? What are the sizes of classic flaps and reissue? And what is 2.55?

    Thanks for any sort of enlightenment.

  2. In short, The reissue was the remake of the 2.55 classic flap. The history behind the 2.55 is that the first classic flap was made in Feburary, 1955.
  3. I'd like to know more, too. And the prices would be helpful! :smile:
  4. Michelles- there is a great thread on this already. You can find it in the search feature. For fast information on the reissues, I believe the small (224) is $1795, the medium (225) is $1895, the large (226) is $1995 and the jumbo (227)$2095. I believe there is a 228 also. Someone please correct me if any of this info is wrong.