Quick ladies! need some assurance

  1. I told someone I would sell my Med. Cambon (pink with black CC's) to them for 50% of what I paid originally...
    I feel like am I charging too "less" for the bag? I mean afterall I paid 1600 for it and now Im asking for 800....

    I know its been on sale *or have they completely diminish the stock? Well the other thing is - I live in Canada so the sales were never effective here (I think)...So did anyone see stock leftover this week and were all pinks on sale at 40%???

    If I ever miss the bag a lot would I be able to track a Cambon something back for apx. 1000?
    *ahh* :confused1:

    Thanks for your help!!!!
  2. Ouch! I hate sales! :biggrin: You should at least get 80% of what you paid for IMO. It also depends on it's current retail price, rarity and condition. You can base it on that. Unfortunately, the pink Cambons went on sale so I don't think you can get much for it. Try looking on Ebay and find out how much it's selling for. Goodluck !
  3. Pink bags are definitely worth less these days unfortunately. Maybe someone here got one on sale and can tell you the price. I would think you could get that amount for it, at least.
  4. I just saw a pink Cambon @ a Neiman Marcus last call center......about 40% off......

    I'm not good at giving selling advice, I would say don't sell......if you absolutely have to try to get as close to what you paid as possible, I mean at this point it is discontinued...
  5. You think all pink, like from the timeless cc line, or just the bubblegum pink cambon? I happen to think the pink they use for the caviar timeless is very classic chanel!
  6. I think pink from Cambon is trendier than the other pinks/pieces.
    Cambon itself, although still relatively classic, is trendier than the majority of other Chanel pieces/Lignes.
  7. A jumbo pink caviar w/ silver or gold hardware will always be worth money , IMO .
  8. So they are 40% right? Yah I know who knew in 2004 that the pinks and beige would be the ones discounted!

    So asking 800 is alright? Not too little not too much I hope!?

    Its funny I wish I had gotten the black Cambon bcs then it would have a higher value. *boo:huh:!!!* I know I hate sales too *esp. when I didn't buy it on sale*
  9. Ya I think I should sell it and get a caviar pink too lol...

    So SELL for 800???? Good ????
  10. Wait, cambon line is the one that they're discontinuing, right? If so, I'd suggest you WAIT a while and then sell it. That way, you can get it for much higher as by that time, it'll be the collectors who want it.
  11. Kuo: its used so I think collectors might prefer discontinued *new* bag and since it was on SALE in many NM, Saks, I don't think waiting will increase its value - in fact I think it will go DOWN!!!!

    *but of course Im thinking it will go down thats why I want to sell it now - I hope Im wrong and it'll go UP but I highly doubt those chances*

  12. Lola which NM call centre was this at? If you happen to have the number please send me !

    thank you!
  13. I think that price might be about right. I got a pink small cambon bag for around 400-500, orignally 1095 at Saks when it went on sale.
  14. stara: was this a recent event? do you have that particular Saks contact? Maybe I should call and seee what they have left *LOL* sell mine get a diff. bag heheheh
  15. I agree with Kou, just hold on to the bag for a while more & you might be able to get a better price.;)