Quick Kooba Girls She Only Has 4 Minutes Before Auction Ends

  1. 110098284731

    IS THAT AUTHENTIC IS HER QUESTION I THINK YES :smile:!! 4 minutes and countinG!!!!!!!!!! she posted it in eBay forums
  2. Thanks!!!!
  3. your welcome

    aw man cutting it too close :sad:

    did u bid on it? :sad: its pretty much over, im sry
  4. Yeah, I did, lost it.
  5. aww man im sorry

    did u bid and just someone got to the last second bid too quick?!

    is butter the only color you were looking for? i could try to help you find the authentic gingers on eBay now,, i have a chestnut ginger myself!! lemme kno
  6. Yip, bid and lost. Oh well, not meant to be. Yeah, I'm looking for a beige/ white bag. I have a Ginger in black that I love, and though I usually don't buy two of the same bag, I thought the butter Ginger was so pretty.
  7. you should check out michaelkleinhandbags.com
    they're in new york and they're very helpful dealing with over the phone...they sell a ton of koobas and the prices are great...i don't live in new york, but i buy all my koobas from them
  8. I am so sorry I missed this. Do you specifically want the Ginger? Butter color?
  9. Do they sell all bags at retail, or below? Thanks.
  10. hey well the michaelkleinhandbags ppl

    they are in Long island and i live in nyc i was going to get a kooba from them,,, after songofthesea told us of it! :smile:
    i called them i wanted the ginger in gold and it was on sale on the kooba site for $500,,, the best price they offered me was $450 which i guess is better but i dunno i would still shoot for one from the sample sales in NYC off eBay first, cause those you can get for like $280-350 and i feel like that may be cheaper then if you do michaelklein,,,

    but maybe songofthesea has gotten better prices??!
  11. I specifically want a cream bag, and would actually rather not get a Ginger, since I have one already. I'm struggling to find a cream bag I like and that one was such a great deal. Anyway, you win some and lose some right. I'm taking this a sign.
  12. i know kooba only came out with the cream color in the sienna or frankie. are you looking for the sienna because there is a bunch of tem on ebay but i think some look rather questionable
  13. Hey Janinevs--- maybe it's for the best... I know someone who won an auction from this seller for a Kooba and she used to say (not in this auction) that she got it from a Sample Sale in NY. We asked her what the ID was (since all Kooba bags from Sample Sales are stamped with a small ID-- Bessie, yours from Clothingline has one right? Mine has!) and she didn't answer--- I just feel like this is a little fishy and even if she got it from SS, she should sell it over $200 or at least $200 lest she's throwing money away...

    I'm not judging-- just some things to think about. May be authentic but if there are loose ends, you will always doubt and we know it isn't a nice feeling!
  14. :smile: hehe well i got 2 acutally at different times from clothingline SS, the 1st time it was a bad house and yes mine has the ID ;)

    but the 2nd time i went was that day there was a MAJOR snow storm, i think the 2nd day of the sale? and there were only like 5 people in the whole place, and that time she did NOT put the ID on my bag!

    soo i guess maybe under certain circumstances they dont,
    ?? or they forget?

    i dunno weird! cause i was sure that was the only way to know it came from there. but i suppose its possible that the same thing happened to her and it didnt get the ID?

    but better safe then sorry i would look for bags on ebay with the ID and trust those long before any others
  15. True-- but if you look closely at her bidding history, she has so many Kooba bags that she claimed she got from the sample sale and none at all-- not even a single one with an ID? Again, just something to think about.

    And of course, who buys a bag from a sample sale, sells it new, and is fine with losing $? Again, loose ends are not good news! hehe