Quick jaunt to LV this afternoon results in a small suprise.

  1. So, my wife (LuvLVRN25) is making me post this, as she is apparently on a LV Ban:shrugs:. Anyways, we just picked up two small items (one for me and one for her), and our SA gave us a gift. I was suprised as could be. Here is what we got (I am hoping I do not have to say which is for me and which is for her).


    Now the suprise was:


    In addition she brought out the small sergeant bag (I believe that is what it is called). That bag was completely :drool: worthy. I required that my wife get on the waitlist for it, and I have been praying that they will create a messenger style bag in that same design.
  2. Wonderful! I've yet to get a "gift" but I'm trying!

    That's too funny that you're posting for her! :roflmfao:
  3. ohhh what is the sergeant bag? it sounds pretty!!

    you're such a sweet DH! congrats to you and your DW's new goodies. and yummy bookmark!
  4. nice choices. you are a very good DH. i've yet to get a Denim piece myself. how about a description of this "sergeant" bag for us?
  5. Congrats on the great pieces! That's the gift I'd like to get lol.
    And you're definitely a sweet DH!
  6. Congrats!!!!
  7. Okay, the sergeant is actually listed in a few other threads with pics that I will attach to this post as well. The pics I took from the other threads. The body is very light weight. The clasp is very much like your traditional triangular gold clasp. The body is olivey/bronze with raised letters with black trim. The handle is more of a olive canvas (not coated). I think retail is supposedly ~2250. Don't quote me, but that's what DH says. It will come in two sizes. A smaller one and the larger one. I think the pics I'm attaching show both. Release date is between this month and October/November. I'm not sure I'm in love with the handle but DH likes it so I guess I'm gettin it, lol. Is very unique though.
    largerprefall.jpg sergeantsmall.jpg sergeantinstore.jpg
  8. Congrats on the new pieces!!! That Denim Cles looks sooo tempting!!! :biggrin:
  9. i need that bookmark!! i just know it would motivate me to read more:tpfrox:

  10. I love that you "required" that your wife get on the waitlist for the new bag!!!!! My DH would never do that!!!! Can you train him for me? ;)
  11. Fab pieces - am loving the Denim Cles!:tup:
  12. Great items and fab gift:smile:

    I saw the Sargeant when I was in the City of London Store on Thursday. Loved the style & embossed design, but was turned off by the canvas strap. If it was a leather strap, then I'd be going on the wait list, but a canvas strap, makes it a no no for me:nogood:

    Shame, but spend that much money for me means I've got to love ALL of the bag.

  13. Oooh congrats!!!! Love the cles! Congrats on your bookbark aswell!
  14. gorgeous purchase.. :heart: the bookmark
  15. I think the reason I LVOE the sergeant is from the former Marine in me. Hence, the whole olivey color is a plus, and the strap really reminds me of my web gear. But that is why I wish they would make a messenger bag in this style.