QUICK - international shipping question - need fast answers!

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  1. An international seller wants to sell an item for $475. She has offered to sell it for $175 and put the shipping at $300. What is the purpose of this? Is this a dangerous scenario for me in terms of losing money if the item got lost in the mail?
    Thanks, I need a quick response!!!!
  2. So eBay will charge her a lower "final value fee". Don't do it. If anything goes wrong and you need to refund... You may not get your shipping back as in such an instance, she will only be required to refund the $175, rather than the full $475.
  3. Yup, I would not agree to this scenario if I were you.
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    Agree. Excessive shipping is against the eBay rule. If the listing is reported, eBay removes it right away. (much faster than for reporting counterfeits:rolleyes:)
  5. Perhaps she has offered to do this to eliminate your customs fees....or lower her ebay FVF fees. I know ebay would not look favourably on her for doing this and might not even allow it - I don't know if they have mechanisms in place to restrict this type of thing. If you are covered by Paypal protection, I don't see that there is much risk to you. If you have to file a claim, either INR or SNAD and you win, you would be refunded the purchase price and shipping price.
  6. Gosh, I don't know what to do. I've never experienced this kind of thing. I really want the item, but my gut tells me that doing it this way is sketchy.
  7. Don't do it. your guts tell you it is sketchy because it IS sketchy.

    Trust your gut.
  8. As it is for me, I much prefer to have a "normal" transaction.
    As north posting, if you are protected by Paypal or your credit card company in the case of SNAD or INR, you will get the whole $475.
  9. Have you told her you would prefer a more normal looking invoice, say purchase price $425, shipping $50? Again, maybe she thinks she is doing you a favour. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you complete the transaction on ebay so you have full buyer protection.
  10. Yes, a normal transaction like this.
  11. Yep, it's sketchy, and if she's trying to cheat the system than that doesn't say much for her integrity as a seller.

  12. Thanks for your quick responses ladies. Your replies were very helpful :smile:
  13. Don't do it,the refund will be 175$ and you will pay taxes also on shipping cost,so it helps only her/him
  14. I wouldn't do it either.
  15. As someone else stated (and I just want to confirm), the new, updated eBay Buyer Protection guarantees protection for both the cost of the item AND the original shipping cost. So, should anything be problematic about the transaction, you should get all of your money back.

    However, it's true that it is a violation of eBay's policies for excessive shipping and for trying to manipulate/get around eBay regulations. In that case, eBay may not be willin to help you.

    Overall, I wouldn't recommend doing this, either. :nogood: