Quick Instant Reveal!

  1. Not known for my decision, it was instant love when this little lady arrived!

    Meet Miss Printed Oak Lily - my first, and totally gorgeous, Lily! :smile:
  2. Really pretty!! Enjoy using her!!
  3. Oh I love some printed-gorgeous !
  4. Congrats on your printed lily!
  5. This is gorgeous in the oak so much better than the black one imo
    I ab adore all the printed/congo type leathers they are just the best that Mulberry produce imo.

  6. Decision well-made, Mayfly! Wonderful first Lily!
  7. Beautiful Lily! Congrats.
  8. Congrats,i have the same in black :smile:
  9. I love printed lily, so versatile and beautiful too.
  10. Gorgeous leather, this will hold the shape beautifully... Congrats, mod pics!??? :cool:
  11. Just LOVE her! :heart::love::heart::loveeyes::heart: congratulations. She's very beautiful and I'm sure will wear well x
  12. Lovely Lily
  13. Beautiful! :loveeyes:
  14. Beautiful lily, lovely even pattern. Congratulations :tup:
  15. Beautiful lily! Congratulations,