quick, i need fast help!

  1. Ok, so i have an item ending in 2 hours and i have a obo up and someone offered me an offer i'd accept, except that this person has 0 feedbackand has only been on eBay for 7 months...do i accept or wait??

    I just don't want to deal with the potential hassel, y'know? Do you think it's safe?? What would you do?
  2. Did you do a search and see if they have any recent transactions that maybe feedback just hasn't been left for yet?
    I'd do that first:yes:
  3. how do i do that? and if they don't would you accept their offer or decline?
  4. http://search.ebay.com/ws/search/AdvSearch?sofocus=bs&sacat=-1&catref=C5&fbd=1&from=R6&nojspr=y&fswc=1&fss=0&saslop=1&fls=4&floc=1&sargn=-1&saslc=0&salic=1&saatc=1&sadis=200&fpos=76092&sacur=0&sacqyop=ge&ftrt=1&ftrv=1&saaff=afdefault&fsop=1&fsoo=1&fcl=3&frpp=50&sofindtype=3&pfid=

    if that link doesn't work, go to Advanced Search and do a search by Bidder, make sure and check that you want to see auctions that ended.

    It depends on how badly I wanted the sale. If I knew it was something that I'd have to relist a few times, I'd accept it.
  5. I always think it's odd when one of my bidders has been on eBay for months or years with no previous purchases. However, as odd as that strikes me, the transactions have always been smooth.
  6. that does make me feel a bit better. :smile: thanks
  7. but the thing is, there may have been transactions, good or bad, but w/o feedback being left no one knows about them.
    They could be totally fine, have bought/sold and just didn't get feedback.
  8. yeah, that's true. I used the link and there was nothing on this person. There is about an hour left...i'll wait a few more mins.
  9. What did you decide in the end?
  10. And why wouldn't they just bid??? You can't end an auction in the last 12 hours anyway
  11. i think the OP meant that they accepted best offers, right? (obo?) in that case the auction can be ended before the time. they may not have wanted to lose out in a bidding situation.

    so what did you do in the end?
  12. Ahhh I see
  13. ok, so in the end, all the other offers i got were very low, so i decided to accept this persons offer. I sent an invoice and I am still awaiting payment.

    Although, i did say in my auction that they have 2 days to pay (i really need to change that).

    I am a bit nervous now but i'll try to remain optomistic that they'll pay. :sad:
  14. If they don't pay, you haven't really lost anything you can always relist (I pain I know).

    Just make sure that their payment clears (and is NOT by Western Union if they are in Nigeria!) before you send the bag.

    I'm sure they'll pay. 0 feedback doesn't really mean that much unless they have been a member on eBay for years then its a bit suspicious. But everybody has to start somewhere don't they so if they are new and have 0 feedback give them a chance.
  15. ^^Actually, unless you have "immediate payment required" listed under the BIN price, you can't enforce a 2 pay payment rule.
    eBay won't even hear it unless you give them 7 days.