Quick Hurry!!! Does anyone have the SKU or UPC number for the Timeless Clutch? PLEASE

  1. I am trying to locate a specific one and they need the SKU or UPC number! All I have is the Style Number and they can't look it up with just that.

    Please please!!!
  2. Which one are you looking for? Is it the red?
  3. Yes the red in caviar :smile: Are all the caviar Sku numbers the same?
  4. It's just on the tag. Please anyone?
  5. every store has a different SKU #.
  6. I just need the number under the bar code on the tag.
  7. Anyone today have this number today? Please! I would really like to call and have them search widely for it. Thanks so much!
  8. I have the black caviar, hope this helps you somewhat.

    the nubmer under the barcode is 572619298026, there is a 3 in fron of the 5, not sure if you need that, it is not directly under the barcode.

    Let me know if you need other info. Good luck with your search!