QUICK! helpppppppp!

  1. So i have to wear a suit tonight to a law school function...but im not sure what bag to pair with it!! Honestly my azur speedy would match PERFECTLY, but is it to casual??

    My suit is navy blue with shadow pin stripes in light blue...im wearing a light blue button down shirt with a fancy white tanktop underneath it for a littl pop...my chanel heels that are light blue and white (the ones my bf surprised me with, posted a pic a while ago)

    SOOO PLEASE help...should i just carry the azur speedy, because it matches like WOAH! or is it not professional enough/too casual?
  2. i think the Speedy itself, not to mention the Azur, is not a formal or professional bag. an all-white or all-black bag would be good
  3. I think it would ben fine if it's a 25
  4. I'd carry a white bag if you have one instead. The Azur is a little too casual.
  5. awwww man thats what i was afraid of....but then again i am in oklahoma (does that help my case? haha)

    and yes it is a 25! (the bf thought the 30 look like luggage hahah boys)

    ARGHHHHH!!! i mean i guess it doesnt really matter what bag im bringing, we are just taking an oath and then sitting there for 3 freakin hours for our first class!!!

    arghhhhh but it matches so well!
  6. btw THANKS GUYS!!!! :smile:
  7. I'd carry it.. i think it'd look hot!
  8. Wear it. I wore an outfit almost identical to the one you described with my azur saleya pm on a job interview for a position as a general counsel. This is law school and from what I just read, you're already making the best dressed list. Go forth and wear your azur with your head held high. Real lawyers wear them with suits!
  9. Take the speedy!!! I don't think it's too casual! it's a lovely bag!
  10. I say go for it! You will look hot! Rock it. Pic wouldn't go amiss either, just to prove it!
  11. hehehe awww u guys are so cute (and making my day) haha i know im crazy but i just dont want to come off...legally blondish...haha because if i did i have THE PERFECT pink skirt suit to set that reputation right ;) haha

    but im guessing i should keep the dark blue tiffany's twill off right? althought it may match perfectly that may be a bit MUCH, right?
  12. Don't ask me. I wear my Hermes and my LVs together. If it looks polished and professional, go for it. Just be aware that your classmates may show up in khakis and shorts.
  13. haha man what i would give to wear khakis today (HOT AND HUMID...yuck)

    but tonight we are required to wear suits!!! :sad: i just want to make sure that while i may be conservative, i will still have my sense of style!! i know weird, but that is important to me!!! :smile:
  14. I personally dont see the Azur as being totally casual. I think it'd look nice :smile:
  15. is it like an interview type of function? then i'd go for a more formal handbag, all black maybe. but if its not an interview type, not a one-on-one type of deal, then bring the azur. you'll be the most fashionable person there! good luck!