Quick help

  1. Those look like good classics. In another thread we were talking about the price of this shoe possibly being mixed up w/ the price of another shoe. Get them while you can or before they realize the 'mistake.' :smile:
  2. I had wondered this myself thus the "quick" and I can never find anything in my size. I have 37 decolletes which are too tight but my no prive slingbacks are 36 and great though I love a nice snug slingback (I'm a 37 usually in heels)

    Because of the peep toe these would be ok in 37 do you think?
  3. You should order for sure considering the price, that shoe is usually in the $700 range.
  4. Thanks by the way ladies!! I'm sooo excited but still not sure of size to order :s

    Also what si the official name for this style?
  5. Style: Very Prive

    Decolletes seem to always run smaller than your normal CL size, so for the 37 to be a little snug when you take a 36 well in No Prives is normal.

    For these suede VPs, I think 36.5 might work very well for you. If you can manage a little snug-ness in the beginning, the suede will stretch and mold very well to your feet.

    HIH... :smile:
  6. i love them.
  7. Yes they are a nice classic but I would order the patent or leather version. I don't know I just think suede is a little hard to take care of (especially in my location where is rains a lot) and I would just pay a little more to get the leather or patent version with red peep. I would be afraid to get it dirty as I won't be able to just wipe it off.
  8. Those are really beautiful, and the price seems low to me too. I'm a bit scared of suede, but for that price, it would be difficult to resist! They are indeed a great classic!
  9. Yep, definitely order them. I did! lol
  10. Gah I just went to see about ordering and see my size is gone online :crybaby:
  11. Oh no!! I was about to agree with all the other ladies too! :sad: perhaps next time.