Quick help with sizing ...

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  1. I want to get some new jeans today online during the Bloomies sale, but I've never tried on these brands.

    I have 7FAM and some TRs at home that are 28s. They fit but are very snug. At Gap/Limited I would be a 6 normally, maybe an 8.

    So, what size should I get in jeans that are JBrand, R&R, and Hudson??? Do they run extra big/small? Do I stick with a 28 or go up to a 29.

    Help!!! Thanks!
  2. i find that jbrand run pretty tts...R&R for some reason alwasys seem slightly tighter than my normal jean size, unless they are the stretchy kind..not sure on hudson jeans..hope it helps some!
  3. Your size or larger. They're the kinds of brands that run a little tight. But if you could do a little tight, then stick to your size.
  4. size 29...