QUICK HELP w/wapity case lining....

  1. Ok so I was fooling around with my wapity case trying stuff in and it seems like the inside lining is maybe too small for the case. Does anyone else think the same thing or maybe I have a defect??

    Also do all wapity cases have the alacantara lining or do any have the regular lining like in a papillon??
  2. all wapity have alcantra lining..

    Do you have the pics of the inside ??
  3. Maybe you overstretched the canvas part of your wapity. I have the regular monogram one also, that I used to use as a digital camera case for my powershot. However, it's a really snug fit so the opening part on mine was stretched pretty badly. That made the inner lining sort of rippled I guess. Plus the backside of the lining is not secured completely to the canvas part if you know what I mean, so that might make it seem "too small". I got my wapity case pretty much back into shape by storing it stuffed with these styrofoam squares I cut out. But be careful with overstuffing!
  4. Yup. All Wapity's have alcantra lining.

    OT: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your avatar!!! :drool:
  5. I have the mono one and mine is the same way. I wonder if it was made that way to compensate for stretching over time.
  6. a pic would help
  7. indeed. i'm very happy for when he officially moves in to SoCal. then i can't wait to see him (or Posh) at the mall or something.. lol.
  8. Hard to picture....pics?
  9. PICS? thanks!
  10. I totally understand what you mean cuz mine's like that too! However, it doesn't bother me that much cuz I hardly use it.......so ya.....I refuse to think it's a defect! lol