quick help unsalable condition

  1. Today I bought an
    Amarante wallet and I decided to return it

    Well the sa found a scratch on it and told me it was unsalable.. I was in shock I only was lkooking at it I never even used it. But they made an exception for me and took it back ... Well now I fell terrivle for LV what do I do leave it alone or go back and pick that one back up. I do like the wallet and I'm at a hotel right across from LV please help me
  2. If you didn't use it how could you have scratched it. It's not your fault and you shouldn't feel bad.
  3. I agree with joann if you didnt use it then you shouldnt feel bad.
  4. Definitely don't feel bad. They wouldn't have taken it back at all if they didn't believe you. I'm sure the scratch was there before you bought it and they probably thought so, too.
  5. If you never used it, then the scratch must have been there when you bought it. I know when I purchased my neo speedy after I got home I noticed a tiny scratch on the buckle. I kept it though cause I knew it would happen with me using it.
  6. I really don't think it's your fault if all you did was look at it. Maybe it was there before and you just didn't see it. I don't think you should feel bad.
  7. don't feel bad. if you didn't use it, it was not your fault. it must have been on it when you purchased it. sorry that you had a bad experience. fingers crossed for your next purchase.
  8. ^^^^ ITA w/ everyone above. there's definitely no need to feel bad.
  9. When I bought my MC koala wallet, I opened it up in the car and saw a HUGE scratch inside on the vachetta. I marched right back into the store and asked for a NEW one. They swapped it for me, no questions asked.
  10. Don't feel bad. With their prices, I don't think Vuitton is going to suffer for the price of a wallet.
  11. Agree with the girls DON'T feel bad at all.
  12. You have no reason to feel bad at all.
  13. Don't feel alone -- that happened to me too!
    And I didn't even use it!!

    I didn't feel bad, I felt angry.
    They took my item back, but they tried to tell me that the credit card slot looked used and I NEVER used it.
    I couldn't believe it
  14. This should serve as a reminder to ALWAYS thoroughly inspect your items before you leave the store. And do not take a display item! Ask for a new one.
  15. don't feel bad. if you tried to go back in and buy the same one back they probably wouldn't even let you.