quick help needed!!

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    So, I have located the James Perse dress in my avatar that I have been despreately searching for for months. There is only 1 and it is a size 4 (JP size 4 = generous large). Is it realistic to think I could tailor this down? I am a size 4/6, usually a S/M and this dress will be 1 and probably 2 sizes too big for me. I will pay any amount to tailor this (well, within reason). Composition is 20% wool, 25% poly, 55% viscose knit.

    Thoughts please? I need to act fast here and make a decision within the next few minutes!!! Heeeeeelp!

    EDIT: I ordered it (I've been told, back in December, that this was no longer being made, so I feel like this one dress is probably the only one available). ADVICE ON TAILORING STILL NEEDED!
  2. I think you will need a really great tailor to take it in that much :s
  3. Urgh, I know. It is a simple design, maybe this will help?
  4. I lost quite a bit of weight and had a lot of my pants taken in but a 10ish down to a 6ish just didn't look right and the fit was weird. I had to get rid of most of them and buy new.
    I think taken in 1 size is OK but for me I had a hard time with more than that. I was really sad too as I LOVED some of the stuff I had to let go :cry:
  5. honestly i think the fit could be off if you get it taken in that much. it'll cost a lot because it'll be like building a new dress using the fabric- particularly because JP runs big.

    but, it certainly doesn't hurt to take the dress in and ask about it! hopefully you'll find a good tailor willing to make it work!
  6. good luck with this. i've done this a few times when i've really wanted something and in most cases it has worked out.
  7. Thank you thank you. Helpful responses. Not that I need them anymore because James Perse customer service just emailed me to confirm my 'request for order cancellation'. Which I didn't request. Wtf?! And they're closed now so I can't call until tomorrow. And of course, yes, this was the only dress of any size and colour in this style they had listed.

    ARGH! I will call them tomorrow and try to bully/sugarcoat them into finding me this dress. Sigh.
  8. Mmm..... not sure how tailoring a knit would really work...? The 4 would be giant on you. Is it machine washable, maybe you could shrink it a little? Even then it would be huge. Keep looking!
  9. Before tailoring it try and list a in search of a trade, your size 1,2 for my size 4. I've done that on craigslist and other forums and have been lucky to have it work out.
  10. Have you looked on *bay? I saw quite a few, some of the styles are so similar though, I couldn't really tell. You should look.
  11. I may have seen that at Nordstrom Rack a week ago... do you have any near you? I recall flipping through the James Perse section and thinking "These are some really long dresses!" but I was looking only for cashmere cardigans so I didn't take a good look.
  12. tb-purselover - where should I post for it? Do you mean other forums?

    pugtolove - Yep, I scour the Bay at least once every 24 hours for this dress (I can get crazy obsessed over certain items and the obsession only gets worse when I can't locate them) - this dress has, within the past 3 months, not once shown up on eBay. Lots of other James Perse maxi dresses but never this specific one - and it is this one I want. :sad:

    True Religion - I'm in Canada so we are Nordstrom-less. Can you give me the location of this store you may have seen it at so I can Google them and call them up? I called a James Perse retailer in Denmark a few weeks ago looking for this dress so I reckon California should be easier. At least they'll speak English!
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