Quick help needed, too friendly with SAs?

  1. So, after years of trying to find the 'right' SA, all of a sudden I have 3 gals I really like. One hand it's great, because almost always, 1 of them is there at any given time....but poses another problem when they are all there...they are all warm and friendly and help me....I feel a bit awkward, when it comes time to buy...who gets the sale?

    Second question, I love to do random acts of kindness, just in my nature.....so, the newest of these SAs found out in passing I love fashion dolls (barbie, etc) and have quite a collection, she mentioned she and her sister have been saying they need to do something with their old collection, but don't know where to start...I also know she is having foot surgery in a few days, so I got her a barbie id book, and a comfy throw blanket, and put them in a tote, with some foot stuff....now that I am ready to walk out the door and ring them to her, I feel a bit hesitant....is it nice, or too much?
  2. That is very thoughtful of you! Really quite generous...it's refreshing, not too much!
  3. I think that's really sweet, and it's a nice gesture, not an invitation to become best friends - SAs are professional, so I don't think it's too much. And you have three attentive SA's, so focus on that, and since they don't work on commision, it's not really *that* big deal who gets the sale? I think I'd might try and randomly get them on "rotation" each time I was there if I was in your shoes, but it hasn't really happened to me, so I'm not really that good at giving advice.
  4. I personally think it's very nice!! It's just who you are, it's not like you're looking for a discount or a "deal"! LOL I always do stuff like this, just makes me happy. I sometimes wonder if the people on the receiving end take it as it's meant (just an act of kindness) or if they read into it? But you know what, YOU know how it's meant.........I say give it to her, hopefully it will make her smile, and not make her upcoming procedure quite so bad! :yes:
  5. Hmmm.....I have never done anything like that for a SA but it's awfully nice of you. If your gut instinct tells you its the right thing to do then do it. You're a sweetie.
  6. Thanks so much ladies, I feel much better.

    Michele, that's exactly what I was worried about!

    ok......away I go....bringing you all with me shopping! Gotta love the sidekick!
  7. thats sweet... not too much!
  8. it's nice to be nice!

    Not enough show there appreciation these days you hear people complain how many to you hear praise what you are doing a very sweet gesture. GO Twink!! You're a Star
  9. That's a lovely gesture, glad you decided to go for it. I'm sure she will be pleased.
    regarding who gets the sale just go with the one who approaches you first when you enter the store, I think.
  10. It's a very nice gesture, I am sure she will love it.
  11. That is such a lovely thing to do and she will be so grateful that you took the time to think of her.
  12. aww, you are so sweet to think of your SA's... however, just be sure that they don't have some kind of policy stating that employees cannot accept gifts and such from customers.

    i remember when i worked in retail department stores, i used to get customers who wanted to tip me with money and other things, but we were not allowed to accept anything at all. just want to make sure, so you don't put her on the spot. it's is a very nice and thoughtful gesture, though. if you can find a way to give it to her outside of her workplace, i would assume that's ok.

    as for who gets the sale? that is tough... but i would suggest try to keep track and remember who rang up your items the last time, and rotate. i don't know how else to make it fair.
  13. I just get giddy inside at the thought of doing unexpected things for other's as well. I truly do not think one can EVER spread 'too much' love around. :heart: Your thoughtfulness will make her so happy!
  14. I'm pretty sure LV doesn't have any policy saying they can't accept gifts from customers. I was at the SF store this weekend and 2 guys came in and asked for a certain SA. She came over and they handed her a Tiffany's bag and said "thank you for all of your help earlier, we really appreciated it and wanted to thank you". Ok....yes I was eaves dropping....LOL! :shame: This was all right in the middle of the floor with SA's all around, so I'm sure it's fine. I was hoping she would open it, I wanted to know what she got, but she was helping other customers and had to go! LOL
  15. Yes! DO it!!! I love my SA, you know who!!! And, she loves me too!!! I sent her a really cool card (an Asian fan) because she sent me a holiday card, then with my MC Couer she also enclosed a sample of Marshmallow Vernis as a valentines day gift... it's nice to be sweet to people, even in professional relationships... I mean, sometimes I meet the coolest people in professional relationships, having people install stuff at my house, that's how I met one of my best friends! She's my California closet girl...you go! ps: A VERY thoughtful gift...