Quick Help Needed from some more well versed HHHotties

  1. Does anyone know when HH went to exclusively fold down turnlocks? I sold a wallet on the Bonz and the buyer wrote me a pretty scathing message because the turnlock does not work. It works, it is just the old style, which I specifically stated in my listing. She has left me positive fb, I just am a little irked about the whole thing and would like to provide her an informed response.
    Oh, also...does anyone know if the Cordovan clutch wallets ever even came with the new style turnlock?
  2. ^I'm on it, HHottie! Sorry to hear that this is happening... In case she's interested, HH does a turnlock repair for $28.00.
  3. The turnlock does work Bri...Amanda mentioned elsewhere that the buyer said that it doesn't work because it doesn't fold down like her other clutch wallets.
  4. Ok.. The earliest things that I have with fold down locks are from SS 2009. So, I am assuming that is when HH decided to use the fold downs... It looks like the winter of 08 might have been the last of the old ones??? Someone chime in if I am off here!
  5. Thanks, I let her know. It's fine, she left me positive feedback so it can't "hurt" me on the Bonz...I think I am just too thin skinned...she sent me a snarky message and I got all out of whack over it. Sigh. This is why I hate selling stuff sometimes.
  6. Thanks Luciana. I think I just need to grow a pair. LOL.
  7. He he he... Well, if it was the wallet that you were selling recently, I remember that the photo clearly shows the old style, no? lol.... :smile: I hope that it all works out ok. :biggrin:
  8. Yes, the picture clearly showed it and I specifically said "old style turnlock" in the listing. I guess she did not know what that meant. I should have explained it better I guess, but I guess I just get used to people kind of knowing, KWIM?
  9. Wow Amanda! Im sorry you had to deal with someone like that. She should have read the listing as you stated, "old style turnlock". You did nothing wrong at all. The buyer should have done her research before buying. If she did not know HH ever made 2 different styles of turnlocks, she must not know the brand very well. I do not think cordovan ever came with the new Turnlocks. Brandy did, but not cordo. She got an amazing deal on that wallet too. You should tell her to read descriptions before buying.