QUICK! Help Me Decide!!!

  1. I am no help. Get both. Love them!
  2. Ooooo..... black is divine! The red is a bit dark to match with lots of outfits. They are both wonderful though!
  3. I say black, you'd get more wear out of the IMO.
  4. i vote for red! it's a great colour.
  5. I'd say black just because it's easier to find something to pair up with.
  6. Argh. I ordered both and will compare them side-by-side, and return one. I like that the red gives a little pop of color (most of my clothes are neutrals) but am not sure what other accessories I could pair with.
  7. pseub--love both, but the red will give your wardrobe some oomph--especially if you are going to wear them against a nuetral color scheme.
  8. Black looks better in the pic, but the colour of the plum ones might pop in real life.

  9. I think the same thing.
  10. Wise decision! I love red shoes with black or black and white/cream--it's just so striking! Black is great too...keep both???
  11. I can't afford to keep both right now. But they should be here any day now, and I'll let you all know which color is the keeper.
  12. Got the shoes today and the verdict is in: keeping the black. Definitely the black. The red are gorgeous too, but the black ones...va va voom. :graucho:
  13. Nice choice :yes: was going to vote for the black!