quick help, for tonight, should I adorn silver speedy

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  1. Ok, I am throwing off my blahs, and going to the party tonight.

    Wearing all black, holiday red nails, and carrying silver miroir speedy.

    Should I adorn my speedy wuth my apple rond to tie it all together or leave her naked in all her glory?

    Or option C, put the mini speedy on there as a nod to the classic?


  2. i'd leave the miroir naked!
    its bling enough and doesnt need help.
  3. I say take her out naked! Have a good time. I'm off to the Dallas party right now. Let's parrrrrty!!!
  4. Naked Mirior!
  5. I'd actually put the apple rond on it - it would tie it all in and look fabulous. Have fun!!
  6. I love the mini speedy!!
  7. That's hard, but I think with the apple rond, it would make it look less newish and like it's already yours... might be really really good with the apple rond, good for you for getting out, tell Angela hi from Veronika in ABQ if you remember....
  8. I will, I know her, she's not one of my SAs, but a real sweetie and always remembers my name.
  9. Leave her naked!!! :biggrin:

    Have fun Twinkle!!!
  10. I vote naked! :graucho:

    Enjoy the party; can't wait to hear all about it. I'm going to the Stanford party on Thursday and am so excited!
  11. naked Miroir
  12. Nude Baby!!!!
  13. Naked woooot!
  14. Naked as the day she was born... Have fun Twinkle..:flowers:
  15. My vote is naked! Hehe. Have fun Mary!