QUICK HELP....are my handles on manhattan CROOKED??

  1. OK so I was getting ready to put all my stuff in my bag when I noticed that the handles are way crooked.......or is it just me?
    This is a very expensive bag so I don't want a defected one. Hurry and LMK so I can run down to the store to exchange it.

    These pics were taken directly in front of the bag, see the one back handle buckle on the right side is way off from the front one:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. the second one I used a ruler to see if they were evenly aligned and they are wayyyy off. Am I imagining this??
  4. [​IMG]Hmmmmm, it doesn't look right but I don't have this bag to compare..I am sure others will give some inputs..nice pics..
  5. Looks a bit off to me also.:shrugs: ...also just noticed the monogram pattern is slightly off as well. If it was me, I'd exchange it.
  6. OHH! They doo lok crooked. Oh dear.
  7. Sorry, it looks really off. Time to return it.:sad:
  8. They look crooked to me too....you should exchange it. :yes:
  9. It does look crooked, like how the Monogram flowers don' t even align. Perhaps you can call and find out first. I mean it's still new...
  10. OK, I looked at mine. Looks fine, but I'm generally not too fussy.
    I did notice if I shifted the canvas on top (wiggled it) it could make one side look not lined up. Maybe it's just give in the bag so it's not too rigid. Does that make sense?
    If you are not happy, go back and try to find one where this is less/not noticeable......
  11. are you guys saying the flowers on the top of the bag near the zipper??
    oh man I'm so mad, my store is like 35 mins away.

  12. That really looks off- I would return it. Sorry you have to make such a long trip to exchange it! I'll be sure to pay attention to my handles from now on..
  13. I'm digging mine out to check...I never would have noticed if you didnt point it out...I'm not that picky,but no one wants a defective bag!
  14. :wtf: return it fast. for the amount of money lv charges i expect perfection
  15. On the 2nd pic w/the ruler, if you look at the end of the bag (on our right) and the space from there to the hardware, it appears to be off. looks like the handle in front is closer to the end of your bag then the top (or back) handle. Suckola...that stinks...sorry and take 'er back.