Quick, help! ALFRED BOWLER value check


Dec 10, 2006
Hi guys, i have a brand new Alfred Bowler Soft Box on ebay and was not able to find anything on that handbag with a leather interior, only with a fabric interior.

i just had an offer to sell it for under $700. i was wondering if anyone could help me with figuring out if that is a reasonable price for the bag.

*we do not allow people to post their eBya ID's or their auctions!**
As a reminder, there is no advertising of bags here on TPF... with that said, I saw an alfred bowler sell for $610 with the fabric interior recently on ebay. The lining would increase the value, so I think $700 is reasonable.

really? so if it's leather inside is it worth less than with liniing?
The leather lining would be worth more than the alfred bowler I saw sell recently with fabric lining. Also, be aware that Barney's has this bowler on their website for sale, around $770 I think? Not sure if theirs is leather lined or not, but that is for a brand new bag.
Oh yes i saw they're having a sale for $779, thank you for reminding me! My bag is also brand new. What puzzles me is that i can't find the price with the leather interior. The tag says 1,300 but it doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps there is a mistake in tagging or it actually is the same price. My brother bought it for my mother but she did not want it. He works for Marc Jacobs but i haven't been able to contact him because he's so busy, but i will try again. Thank you so much for your help.
^ For STRIPING and SOFT BOX BAG lines (both from Fall 2006), leather interior is exclusive to Marc Jacobs boutiques. Even though they retail for the same price as those with non-leather lining (sold at non-mj stores), many people (myself included) were/are willing to pay more for leather lined version. Some of us here bought ours from Marc Jacobs boutiques, the leather lining is more luxurious to us.

SOFT BOX BAG line includes Soft Box Bag ($995), Alfred ($1300), Travel Bag ($1700). If I remember correctly, Flap Shoulder Bag ($895) also belongs to this line.

STRIPING line includes the following styles: Zip Bowler ($1095), Hudson ($1275), Slouchy Tote ($1350), Trish ($1350), and Bowler ($1450).

All of these styles are still full price at Marc Jacobs boutiques.