Quick & healthy breakfast foods

  1. I thought it'd be nice to share our ideas for quick and healthy breakfast foods!! I hate running out of the house w/o breakfast handy because then I usually resort to the bagel stands on the street.

    I recently made an amazing discovery (well for myself at least). Try Kashi Instant Oatmeal in Golden Brown Maple. It's so quick and yummy!!
  2. I was going to suggest oatmeal too, but not the packaged kind because they're loaded with sugar. Even if it's organic sugar, it's still sugar kwim? I like my oatmeal cooked in 1% milk with some fruit (dried or fresh). Eat it with scrambled egg whites and veggies and you've got all your food groups covered :tup:
  3. ^ Agreed. I buy McCain's Quick-Cooking Irish Oats (i cannot stand pre-packaged sugary oatmeal) which i make in the microwave for 1:30-2 min. with vanilla soy milk. I like drizzling maple syrup or dusting cinnamon on
    top occasionally.

    A toasted whole wheat english muffin with your favorite natural nut butter (cashew is to die for :drool:) is a great breakfast on the go. Though you have to make sure that the melted peanut butter doesn't drip all over everything..
    Sure, nut butters have lots of saturated fat, but they also have lots of unsaturated fat and all the protein in them keeps you full for a really long time, so in a few hours you won't be snacking on less-healthy foods. :yes:
  4. I would often have fat free yogurt with a banana. Sometimes I'd make quick oats in the microwave sweetened with Brown Sugar Splenda. Another idea is apple cinnamon cous cous - I'd use instant, whole wheat cous cous and cook it in the microwave with Brown Sugar Splenda, fat free condensed milk, cinnamon and diced apple.

    I also like homemade "Egg McMuffins" made with Egg Beaters, back bacon and a low fat cheese slice on whole wheat English Muffins.
  5. Trader Joe's frozen steel cut oatmeal!! Healthy, easy and so, so good!
  6. haha. I was gonna suggest oatmeal too!

    Sometimes I have turkey bacon and fruit.
  7. I like to have that, too. It's quite possibly my favorite breakfast ever!!! :yes:

    This thread is inspiring me to eat breakfast more... I'm a notorious breakfast-skipper. I hate waking up in the morning, so I'm usually stressed and don't want to eat :sad:
  8. Breakfast skipper here too, but oatmeal is a good suggestion. I tend to get bored of foods quickly so I have to rotate.

    My favourites though is whole wheat nan with a slice of melted cheese and fresh cilantro stuffed inside. Or creamy yogurt with a dash of salt eaten with bread, or plain strained yogurt with a drizzle of olive oil and some olives.
  9. oatmeal too, but the plain kind not the sugary kind

    Also sometimes i make brown rice monday night and have it in the frdge and hae brown rice vanilla soy milk and fresh fruit...all organic of course
  10. I eat the old-fashioned Quaker oats with cinnamon on it, soooo good! If I am in a hurry I will put some Kashi Go Lean cereal in a zip lock baggie and hit the road.
  11. I usually eat Total cereal with soymilk.
  12. egg whites with veggies for me :smile:
  13. I love greek yoghurt with a bit of honey or lots of fresh fruit.
  14. whole grain cereal (hot or cold) with fresh fruit is always a great choice. i feel like breakfast is the easiest the easiest meal to eat healthy
  15. oatmeal with strawberries! just cook normal oatmeal in the pan ( i use the french women dont get fat one just without the apple and butter) and then add some finely chopped strawberries into the oatmeal and stir until its slightly pink! its really yummy and filling and you can add other kinds of fruit!