Quick Gucci question for you experts!

  1. Just wondering, I bought a black suede heart bag a few years ago from Giulio in Cambridge it was about £214 in the sale. Anyway I got it out to use tonight and noticed the tab with the serial code appears to be made of two pieces stuck together if that makes sense? My other two Gucci bags have the smooth leather on either side of the tab and smooth edges, the problem with this is, one of the edges the underneath bit of the leather sticks out to the side if that makes sense? Just confused as this bag can no way be fake. Are Gucci ever a bit sloppy with things like that? Also checked my other bag which is the same in pink, also my sister has the same bag in black also and her black and my pink have the same serial codes but my one has one line that is different, I rang Gucci and they said that the serial code depends on who made it.

    What do you think about the tag though?
  2. anyone?