QUICK! Greige Toilet Case!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. That one is SO pretty! Zac, I know you have one...can you take a pic of your holding it so I can see the size? Thanks!
  2. I will try later b/c everytime I try and send pictures my computer freezes!!! I don't know why!!!:cursing:
  3. I also like to know too? I'm acutally looking for a makeup case but wondered if that will work, seems small?
  4. It will work!!!!!!!! I LOVE the toilet case soooo much! Do you have a ton of make-up or a little amount?
  5. I have the Grenat one. Very cute. Havent used it yet but its sooo chubby and adorable!
  6. ^^^LOL!!!!!! Chubby! It is chubby!!!!!!:lol:
  7. I used bare minerals in those round containers, and the brushes? (not too much makeup) I wonder if they fit?
  8. Here's mine filled with my Bm products and brushes. Still room to spare.
  9. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the pictures Z&J!! This week I have been outta control!! 3 purses (first, box, city) and a toilet case in 2 days!! This thread is SOOO addicting!!
  11. I just bought bare minerals too! LOL Yes~ it will definitely fit with plenty of toom to spare!!!!!!!!
  12. Arrgghh ... I really shouldn't torture myself by looking through this thread! Everytime I see something like this, it just KILLS me because I can't look at them ... GROAN :cursing: !!!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^^CeeJay~ you're so funny!!!! I guess you'll have to wait for the weekend to look!
  14. That greige case is GORGEOUS!!! I actually would have BIN immediately, but it was already gone.