quick, dumb question- trevi in mono?

  1. will this beautiful bag be avail. in mono? thanks!
  2. Wow, that would be great! I have no idea though... I thought I saw something about it on tPF.
  3. Yes, it's true! I was told yesterday that it will come in Mono sometime next year but the release date is not definite.
  4. ^^ thank you! i really like this bag...
  5. OOOhhh,
    it would be gorgeous in mono!!
    But then again, the Tivoli is kinda similar....love that pleat!!!
  6. How about in Azur?? will it come as well??
  7. are you guys really sure. i am this close in getting the trevi but now that i know it is going to be released in mono i am holding off. i not a fan of damier but i must say that this bag has grabbed my attention. but i regret not getting the stephen and the treve mono would be a close enough match.
  8. I still want to see it IRL. I think monogram would be a wonderful bag!
  9. I have a feeling the Tivoli is the monogram version of the Trevi...they're too similar (with the pleat). I may be wrong though.
  10. Tivoli and Trevi are similar in term of pleats. I believe that Tivoli does not have the detachable shoulder strap though:rolleyes: