Quick double reveal anyone?

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  1. Congrats, love the color, and I agree the black will look gorgeous with the pomme!
  2. that Wilshire is gorgeous love the pomme and i agree with u about the wallet
  3. Gorgeous bag ! Shame you're not keen on wallet colour - are you still liking your pomme cles ?
  4. Pomme is a tdf color! Congrats on this piece.
  5. Oh I love Pomme!!! stunning pieces!!! :smile:
  6. Stunning bag and colour!
  7. congrats!
  8. Thank you! Definitely loving the Wilshire. I'm so sad about the grenat but will definitely check out other colours. Not seen it in black IRL but can imagine it looks so classy!
  9. Definitely! Used it tonight and felt so care free! Love having no vachetta :smile:
  10. Thank you both for your opinions! Torn between amethyst and black but swaying towards black when thinking about how yummy it'll look with pomme!
  11. Absolutely! I used the cles today as a small wallet with my Wilshire, they're so pretty :smile:
  12. You know it happen to me ! I bought the speedy 25 in grenat , but simply I like it but don't love it. I found it very difficult to match with my clothes. So I ordered the speedy in bronze, neutral color I can use all year, I'm just waiting for it so I can return my grenat
  13. Again, anything in Pomme is eye candy!!! Love your Wilshire and can't wait to see your new wallet.