Quick Datecode Question

  1. I'm trying to help a girl check on the authenticity of a Keepall 50 (mono)...I know that the TH- bags are made in France. Is the Monogram line one of the bags that would fit that datecode or is it Multicolore and a few other more specialty lines? It's getting harder and harder to tell the fakes these days, so I want to be sure before I tell her my "final verdict":p
    The datecode is TH0053 which would fit since it looks relatively new, but I also wanted to check if that was a commonly used faker's code.
  2. If you could get some detailed photos and post them in the "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton" thread...one of our wonderful experts will be able to give you a verdict. Fakes have been known to have valid date codes, so that alone isn't able to determine authenticity.:yes:
  3. :yes: . It'll be best if you can post up close up pics of the LV heatstamp and date code. Mono can have "TH" date code so do Vernis and Damier which I own....
  4. Yes, I checked and two of my Mono pieces have TH:yes:
    I didn't want to post in Auth. This since the pictures are really blurry but I think I might just do that anyway...
    Thanks girls!