Quick - dark grey or anthracite Paddington?

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  1. I have an opportunity to get a dark grey Paddington now or to wait several weeks and get the anthracite. Financially, it would probably be better to wait and save up a little more after the dent that the Novak and holiday spending put in my wallet. But I do not want to miss a good opportunity.

    Opinions please! THanks so much and happy holidays to all :smile:
  2. Good opportunity...get the dark grey!!! If the cost is the same i love fayden's anthracite!
  3. dark gray!
  4. Personally, of the two I like the anthracite better.
  5. anthracite! more eye catching...
  6. Dark grey!
  7. is it the summer dark grey with the silver hardware or the spring dark grey with the gold hardware? since you work in a professional environment, i'd say go with the dark grey if it's the silver hardware, it might be more useful, but if it has gold hardware, go with the anthracite, it's a thousand times prettier, even if it might be more rock star than professional.
  8. It's interesting. I wanted to order from LVR and they have an anthracite listed in their new 2006 paddyington colors and an anthra listed in their metallic colors. I emailed them about the difference and they emailed me back and said their anthracite is not metallic in the new 2006 colors and the anthra is the metallic version of the same color. Now I even have more confusion, just when I thought I was going to order the metallic anthra. I did not ask them about the hardware but they got back to me within 24 hours if someone is interested. The pound is stronger against the american dollar than the euro so there can be the difference between NAP and LVR. I am ordering from LVR. they are a very reputable high end line of boutiques in Italy and their price is about $1200. total for the metallic anthra including shipping and duty. we do not have to pay VAT in the US and they remove it from the price as soon as you put in your destination address.
  9. What is LVR ??? do they have a site
  10. luisaviaroma.com
  11. Aaah! I cannot decide. I am going over to Bergdorf's now to see the gray in person because otherwise I will ne unable to make up my mind!

    I hate being a Libra sometimes!
  12. Anthracite - and LVR is confusing.
    I recieved the anthracite from NAP; it is in stock and is sold at the retail price of $1720.

    I know everyone says LVR is completely authentic but how is it they seem to have things that no one else (including the Chloe authorized boutiques have? ).

    Either way - enjoy, any paddy is a gorgeous investment. :biggrin:
  13. LVR is a chloe authorized business operating out of Italy. Italy is also where the bags are made. They actually may be more in the forefront than the Chloe boutiques in the US as they may do a much larger business that the few Chloe boutiques operating out of the US. they are definately authorized and authentic.
  14. I wonder why Chloe does not list them as an "authorized" retailer?

    Then again, Louis Vuitton does not list some of their own stores throughout the US if they are smaller stores (i.e. Cherry Creek Mall LV, in Denver CO.)

    With all the counterfits, etc, it would just be nice if the fashion houses listed ALL reputable shops, then there would be less speculation and uncertainity.

    Thanks for the LVR info, that is good to know.