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  1. The inside of the Damier bags - is it always the Terracotta alcantara lining? Thanks!
  2. No, it isn't. Sometimes, it's canvas lining as well.
  3. i think the newer damier are using red microfiber, rather than the terracotta alcantara...my duomo has a red microfiber lining and the saleya have red microfiber as well.
  4. The Chelsea has a red canvas lining.
  5. Is it always red or terracota? Has it ever been plain brown/tan?
  6. yes, I have an older chelsea, from 1997, and it has the brown canvas lining.
  7. As from this year, it will be red lining (according to my SA) :biggrin: Looks much better!!
  8. I have a damier papillon and the lining is cross-grain leather. I love the bright, terracotta linings of the other damier bags, so gorgeous :love: It goes really well with the color and pattern of the bag.
  9. Ya, the damier papillon has that annoying tough orange leather thingy as the lining. I don't even know what it is. :lol: I just hope it won't crack and starts to flake off on me.
  10. SA told me damier bags 2006 will come with red microfiber lining
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