Quick Damier Question..please help!

  1. I just turned 30 and am going to buy myself a new bag I love the speedy 30 and was wondering if the Damier holds its shape better than the mono? I am not a huge fan of how the speedy looks after being carried for a while, it seems to lose its shape. So should I get a Damier instead? Any other suggestions for a very classic everyday style? Thanks so much!!
  2. the Damier is made of the same canvas as the Mono, so it'll sag the same way. it sags because of the lack of structure, not because of its age. you can put a piece of cardboard at the bottom to prevent the sagging, and put a Purseket in it to help hold the shape.

    if you want a Speedy, i suggest the Damier; it's not as common and faked as the Mono.
  3. Speedy is good choice..
    I know speedy damier canvas isn't as thick or firma as mono as far as I know. It can get saggy if you don't have much stuff in your bag.
    I don't know what you mean by speedy lose in shape after carried for while..you mean patina/change leather color??

    Classic everyday style..lot of choices..you have to decide what style you like handheld or shoulder bag..from there you can find some options. You can check visual thread to see different bags carry by PFers..

  4. whats a purseket???
  5. Yes the purseket will help a lot. The speedy damier/monogram sag because they have no lining.
  6. Yup..it sags just as much. It doesn't bother me at all, I don't like it to look too structured..all the fakes I see are incredibly structured so I guess that's the deterrent for me.
    I'd definitely go with the Damier though..it's really nice!