Quick color question

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  1. First off, while I love this forum, it's quite painful on the wallet to see all the pretty things others have gotten that I suddenly realize I need. :smile:

    I was in the SCP store today because after seeing that Hermès had an iPhone case, well... I love my iPod touch, and I love Hermès, so I must have one! The SA I talked with on the phone did not mention the shade of green, only that it was "a very pretty green," so at lunch I had to go buy it.

    The tag definitely said it was vert anis, which I concede is a very pretty color, but the new 2009 color swatches posted in another thread made me covet pelouse, but anyway I'm getting off topic, and I did put "quick" in the subject.

    Here's my question: What is the name of the color of the agenda case below? I have a pic of it alone and it with the vert anis phone case for comparison. I picked the agenda up 7 years ago and I really like the color.

    Thanks for the assistance!



  2. Did you say 7 year ago? It could be Olive or Vert Fonce. Is the leather guillver by any chance?
  3. vert olive?

    it looks like my vert olive buffalo GM...
  4. Hi nafnaf,

    I'm not sure what type of leather it is but it's definitely 6-8 years old. I love the idea of the agenda. Every year I get the bimestral inserts and set up the agenda and have the best of intentions of tracking my weight/spending/etc. Someday I'll actually use the books for "Mars/Avril" and beyond. :smile:
  5. matt, I don't have a guess other than vert olive (I'm wondering if the contrasting stitching is a clue?), but I must say that the two together are quite striking!
  6. Thanks for the help. I looked through the green reference guide and thought it was somewhere between olive and fonce, but then I saw one purse listed as vert olive that looked nothing like the color of my agenda. I know lighting plays a huge part....

    Thanks again!
  7. Matt,
    Most of the time, I find it helpful to adjust the brightness of photos taken with flash.
    Going by the color of the orange box in the background, I toned down the brightness and probably, the actual color of the agenda looks like this:
    Hope that helps!

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  8. Hi Rose,

    That does help as in your pic it actually looks green. In mine it looks nearly grey.

  9. this definitely looks vert olive in this photo

  10. I think BlueGenes is right. My vote is for Olive in Buffalo. It's beautiful...
  11. Vert Olive. Especially because of the contrast stitching. It nicely compliments your new Vert Anis iphone case!
  12. Leather is Buffle Gala, I believe.
  13. ^^ haha, oops, maybe I meant Buffle Gala. What type of leather is buffle gala? That's what my agenda tag said, I just assumed it meant buffalo :P
  14. Thanks everyone. I'm happy to now know the type of leather and the color. While trying to learn more about the type of leather I did a google search and a lot of the useful results referred back to this forum.

    This link:


    Wow. I cannot imagine possessing the skill to recognize all those types of leathers just by sight. Absolutely amazing!

    The agenda's held up perfectly after all this time so it seems to have been a wise investment. :smile:

    And castorny, nope, there are other males here! It's so nice being a male Hermès fan because the items designed for us seem to always be readily available. Except maybe the briefcases, but that's a bit out of my price range anyway. Although this new attache:


    I hope I never see it in a store as it's so darned nice-looking!