Quick! Code for Anthracite?

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  1. I'm talking to a guy at Barney's who wanted to know what the "code" is for Anthracite so he can search all stores.
  2. It's 2007 1 for anthra color. If you're looking for an anthracity, Barneys only ordered them with GH, no RH.
  3. I think the code on the card should be: 2007 1 115748 D941 xxx (some random #s which are different on each bag/card)
  4. ^^ The code above is for the Anthracity in RH. I do not know for the GH. It would probably have the same prefix numbers but instead of D941T (I missed the "T" on the above post), on the Gold Harware will be D941G. This is what I learned from another post in this forum. Sorry I don't know how to paste the link
  5. That's not just the code for an Anthracite City - it's the code for ANY City that was produced in the 2007 1 season. Still, that will at least help distinguish it from Plomb (a color that is often mixed up w/Anthracite), which is the 2007 3 season.

    Anyway I was assuming that this Barney's SA meant what is the Barneys code for Anthracite, in which case we're probably out of luck. Doesn't he know his stores own darned codes? Sheesh. ;) Well, I know what the problem is - Barney's probably calls Anthracite "Blue" ... so he doesn't know *which* blue code to pick. ;)
  6. if you're still looking for an anthra city, i'm returning one unused to Saks in Los Angeles tomorrow!! if you want it, PM me and i'll have the SA hold it for you!!