Quick coconut lime cilantro chicken soup

  1. I had been thinking about a soup like this for awhile. Tried it today and came out great. :p

    Takes 15 minutes. Low fat.

    Quick coconut lime cilantro soup

    2 cans chicken broth (low fat, low sodium)
    1/2c water
    Thin noodles, broken into small pieces
    1 can low-fat coconut milk (9oz)
    Diced cooked chicken breast pieces - 8-10 oz
    Fresh cilantro leaves, around 3/4c loosely packed
    1/2c lime juice
    Few drops of Chinese chili oil

    Bring broth and water to a boil on stovetop then lower to medium heat.
    Add noodle pieces (little or lots according to your desire for a thick or thin soup). Cook until al dente.
    Change heat to low. Add chicken pieces, coconut milk, lime juice, and hot oil.
    I am a wimp. I add only 1 fat drop of chili oil for the entire pot.

    Cook until everything is serving temperature then serve.

    Makes 4-6 servings.
    Takes 15 minutes to make.
    Low fat.
    I like the frozen diced cooked chicken breast by Tyson. Sold in 20oz bags. The chicken is very tender. (Cooked in brine, I assume.)
    Substitute rice for the noodles if you like. If use rice, cook it in a rice cooker with the correct amount of broth. When done, add to rest of broth and water and continue recipe.
  2. This sounds great for my Hubby. I think he would like it with noodles

    . Unfortunately, I cannot have dairy or Cilantro.
  3. Oooh, sounds interesting and yummy! I'll try in soon!
  4. Coconut milk isn't dairy. It's vegetable. It's made from coconut.

    I can't help with the cilantro allergy - but parsley would work for color and be good, too. I'd substitute celery leaves myself, for a more down home taste - and it would still be good, as long as the coconut milk is in there.
  5. The recipe sounds good, though.

    Be careful not to spill the coconut milk, though. Because once it gets on your clothes, it does not come off!
  6. Thanks for your advice. I still cannot have coconut milk. :yes:
  7. This sounds really yummy! I'll have to try it soon! Thanks!