Quick Clikety Clac

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  1. I am trying to decide rather quickly on a slim versus wide Click Clac Bracelet but cannot for the life of me find a photo where someone has both on for comparison. Would any of you ladies that own both widths be able to post a photo for me please??:wondering :kiss:
  2. I tried both on, love them both.... so I am not much help......get them both!
  3. sorry I only have the slim - it's nice - very nice....
  4. I'm sorry, these pictures aren't clear. I have the Clic Clac "H" bracelets in PM: Thin Black with Palladium HW and Wide Olive (Vert Bronzee?) with Gold HW.
    clic clac H_edited.JPG
  5. I tried them both on at the store, and although I initially thought I wanted the small one I immediately fell in love with the wider bracelet. The small one was just too thin I guess.

    I'm used to wearing mid-size watches and that's probably why I liked the wider one. I would eventually like to have a wide and a thin one to wear together, wide in black and narrow in orange, both in palladium. One day :yahoo:

  6. You are an ANGEL!!!! Thank you so very much for posting this photo. I just tried one on in the thin size at Hermes but of course they don't have any wide ones when I want to compare/see. I was thinking about getting a wide one from eBay but am very gun-shy about getting something without actually ever seeing one in real life. I loved the thin one at the store. This will help clinch my decision. I owe you big time!!!! Thanks!!!!
    :flowers: :flowers: :happydance:
  7. No problem! I just apologize that the picture was so blurry. I took different shots and this was the best one of the bunch :shrugs:. So which one have you decided on, thin or wide? They have some on Hermes.com right now in both the wide and narrow styles. I think they only sell the PM size online though. Post pics when you get it!
  8. I'm going with the narrow. I have so many other wide cuff style bracelets including the Hermes ANO in horn which is quite wide that I thought the slimmer one would be a nice change. I ordered the new turqouise color one with palladium hardware. Thanks again!