Quick! Check out NM! Carla @ $163

  1. Sorry everyone. It was there, then it was gone in seconds!
  2. I'm not surprised it went in seconds. It wasn't me, I promise!
  3. Sometimes I wonder if these sorts of issues aren't just computer glitches, or maybe they do just literally have one bag so whoever gets their first, gets it.
  4. It was me. *s I did get the email saying the sale went through and it was in stock. Gee, a Carla in Black for $163, total.

    Now let's see if it ships.
  5. Gosh LSR, you didn't hang around, you must have ordered at lightning speed. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    We're all going mad with these Kooba sales. It's so hard to resist.
  6. They are driving me NUTS.

    I bought that Karla for my daughter for her college books. She borrowed my Maria a few times and loved the styling but complained it was too small.

    I think this will do fine for her, that lucky girl.
  7. Good job ladysalesrep! Lucky daughter! It's nice to know it's going to a deserving tpf member.