Quick Box question?

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  1. Does anyone know what season the box was introduced and after which season it was discontinued. I would like an idea of potentially what box colours may be out there in my search to increase my collection.


    Current Box Collection:
    Olive/origan on its way
  2. Or if your don't know, tell me the earliest & latest seasons colour that you have and maybe I can work it out that way.
  3. I don't know when it was introduced but I know that AW06 was the final season that it was produced :yes:
  4. maybe 05 was it introduced? I havent seen a bubblegum or apple green box so im thinking fw 05.
  5. Thanks ladies. There's one on ebay now in Magenta which is pre-fall 05. So possibly this is when they came out.

    Anyone for any earlier?
  6. it was the same season that ink was introduced...i think 2006
  7. it was introduced in fw05. I had a blue box from that season and was tossing up between the theatre rouge at the time.
  8. Thanks Daisy.
  9. :yes:
    Yep, Daisy is correct. The first Box styles came in the F/W 05 collection and the last ones are from F/W 06.
    OMG! I get sad everytime I think of it! My 3 fav colors are 05 BG Pink, Magenta, and Turq, and I would die of happiness if I had a BG Pink and Turq Box! I actually would trade all my bags for the Box style! Hands down my favorite style of them all!!!
  10. Have you seen the magenta box on ebay (UK). :drool::drool:
  11. Ok, I got my black box in Feb 06, at that time they had it in denim, I think white, and like cornflower blue or something like that.......I remember that shortly after that they had the roulle (sp?) orange color, and I think the emerald green too, 99% sure I saw those two colors after I got mine, I remember thinking I would like it in the orange but was happy with my black and.....