Quick Bolide Question

  1. I apologize in advance if this has been asked already (I couldn't get the search function to work...).

    What is the oval "patch" on the Bolide for? I'm assuming it's for the owner's intials, but I have only ever seen blank patches...

    Any thoughts? If it is indeed for monogramming, I'd love to see some photos!


  2. Ryan...I don't know if there is a definitive answer, but you're right, most leave it blank or put their initials/monogram there!
  3. Great Question!!! I Think It Would Be Beautiful With A Monogram There!!!!
  4. What a great idea. I was wondering the same thing. It kind of looks undone blank.
  5. I agree! I would love a travel-size Bolide, but only with my intials there. It just looks like something is supposed to be there!

  6. I personally think it'd be cool if they can emboss the Hermes Carriage picture on that oval. I would like it more than my own initials.:yes: