quick bit of sympathy needed...

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  1. My gold with gold 35 cm birkin has arrived, about a year early.

    I cant afford it now and hubby is not being forthcoming.

    I have to let it go and then take my chances when the list opens next year.

    V sad.

    And now have to go to panto with kids and be cheerful.

    Any chance of a bit of sympathy to get me through?

  2. Huge, huge hugs! Don't worry...you will get that lovely Birkin at the right time.
    In the meantime, pull out that gorgeous bb with gh and go to the Ritz for a Bellini!
  3. Oh I am so sorry! I can totally identify. I will never forget not being able to take a blue roi ostrich Birkin that was offered to me a long time ago. The good thing though is, I imagine you will be able to find the gold/gold combo in the future hopefully without too much difficulty...
  4. Thanks! Good point, time to refocus on the bags I have got!
  5. Oh man, that sucks! Big sympathies from me, big cyber-hugs! Your bag will come to you at the right time!
  6. Eliselady-That sucks! But I´m right here in the feeling with you. A birkin means big bucks though and sometimes you just have to say no. It will come to you later!
  7. { [ ( ( Hugs ) ) ] }

    when it comes later, it will be many more times sweeter when you also have your DH's blessings
  8. Lots of hugs :heart::heart::heart:

    Nothing like a panto to put a smile on your face, I used to go to the one at Wimbledon theatre every year, such fun, do miss them!
  9. :sad:

    It came very early, maybe it was someone else's order and was turned down, then offered to you. Yours will still be on order I'm sure. Don't worry, it will get snapped up within the hour and better to enjoy what you own and look forward to a new bag in a year or two with the funds in place.
  10. I am truly sorry dear (((eliselady))). Do cheer up and just think it was not your bag. Your gold birkin with gold 35 will arrive in a year :yes:!
    You have some really gorgeous bags you can totally enjoy for now. They deserve it and you deserve to have a great time with them :heart:.
  11. :sad: E -- I'm so sorry to hear about this. But at least the bag you're passing up will probably be something you can find (or order) again when you're ready. Hey, if it came early this time, maybe it will come quickly next time you order!

    BTW, what's panto?
  12. *hugs*
  13. You definitely have my sympathy, and my admiration for showing such restraint and saying NO to a birkin. I, on the other, lack such will power -- I bought a birkin even though I shouldn't have, and am now enduring daily stress during this holiday season. I am dreading my credit card bill which is due in two weeks!!!
  14. Big Hugs to you.
    I am sure you will get your dream Birkin at the right time for you, but it still sucks!!!! that you cant have it now.
    Enjoy the Panto, that should cheer you up
    Oh yes it will!!!!
  15. Big hugs, sorry to hear that. When the time is right, it would be so much sweeter. :yes::flowers:
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