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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    Last chance ladies and gents- time to get what we can before the price increase takes effect on the 22nd! I just received all of these from my SA, Lisa Hamlin.

    Call her at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested or have any questions!

    Here is the first batch:

    1. Lindy 34 cm biscuit veau swift $5650
    2. Lindy 34cm Rose Dragee veau swift $5650
    3. Bolide 31 cm gold clemence $5850
    4. Bolide 37 cm chartreuse clemence $6050
    5. Evelyn GMII rouge garrance clemence $2450

    Note: there are more goodies on page 3 of this thread!

    Attached Files:

  2. 6. Gao tabac camel clemence $3725
    7. Victoria 35 cm orange clemence $4075
    8. Kelly Long Pochette white veau swift $4150
    9. Medor black veau chamonix $4300
    10. Belt with charms $1875

    Attached Files:

  3. 11. Clic Clac's $540 each
    12. Link necklace $2900 and $590
    13. Black $410 and Orange $375 kelly double tour
    14. sm Clic clac's $510 each
    15. dogons red $780 and black $1075 w/zip pocket inside

    Attached Files:

  4. These are not the technical names- she was in a huge hurrry when she sent these off to me! But if you call her, she will know exactly what you are talking about!

    16. Elephant scarf $375

    17. Scarf rings $135 each

    18. Scarf ring with dangle $205
    19. Victoria bleu jean clemence $4400
    20. Paris Bombay blanc and orange veau epsom $4475 each

    Attached Files:

  5. 21. Pousse Pousse white $465 and orange $540
    22. Karo orange $720, card case $510, coin purse $210
    23. Paris Bombay 40cm gold vache ligee $6300
    24. Elephant cuff $640

    Attached Files:

  6. I forgot to add- Neimans will ship anywhere worldwide. No worries. PM me if you need Lisa's email. Thanks!
  7. great pics jag - thanks! I love the elephant scarf!! And the Evelyne although I'm not convinced it would work for me...yet!
  8. Thanks for the photos! There are some beautiful items here!
  9. Ohhhh, yummy items!! Thanks so much for all this info!!!
  10. Thanks jag! your SA is the best -- but why is the scarf already at $375?
  11. Thanks for posting such pretty eye candy. I shopped a little more!
  12. jag, thank you for sharing!! :smile:
  13. Thanks, Jag! Someone take advantage--quick!
  14. That Chartreuse Bolide:drool::drool: Wow!! I need that one!!! :sweatdrop: must resist...
  15. :nuts::nuts:I love this PB.


    I didn't know they came in a 40cm. Great size!

    Thanks for posting Jag!