Quick ? Are these booties SEXY or are knee high better?

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  1. not a fan of these booties in particular, but there are some really cute ones out there.
  2. I think those in particular might make you look a teeny bit shorter just because they go past the ankle (at least I think so by the looks of it). i've seen a lot of similar styles that are a bit cuter. But personally just in general ankle booties are really nice!
  3. i like them, but if you want us to compare them to a knee high pair, it'd be kind of like comparing apples to oranges b/c they're different styles. however, if i had to choose in general, i'd always pick knee high boots.
  4. If you've got nice long, slender legs, I think you can get away with those boots. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend get them.
  5. I think these would cut off the leg (since they end a bit above the ankle, as has been mentioned). Look for the styles that have a scooped out profile just around the ankle--these will really elongate your leg. This season there are also some cute high heeled oxfords that look like this.
  6. I think knee high boots will be more flattering on than these booties.
  7. ^ita
  8. i think they're cute, not sexy