Quick...any bread-LESS meatloaf recipe's?

  1. The SO is dying for some meatloaf, but he is on a diet and he cant have bread. Does anyone have a good meatloaf recipe that doesnt include bread crumbs? TIA!

    P.S I want to make it tonight:s
  2. why cant he have bread crumbs....allergy or choice? there is bread alternatives for those with gluten allergies but if its just a weight loss thing, i use a tiny bit of home made breadcrumbs from whole wheat toast and substitute the rest with shreaded veggies (i.e. yellow or green squash, carrots, etc) it keeps it moist and yummy. I also have switched over to ground turkey
  3. ^^^ I use ground turkey too & substitute onion, peppers, etc. for bread. DH likes it better.
  4. He doesnt have an allergy-just was on a no-carb diet for 4 days which his nutritionist calls "cleansing" and was dying for some meatloaf. I ended up not making any because I couldnt find a recipe without bread-but I will try the onion & peppers substitute for next time. Thanks!!
  5. You could also try grated parm. cheese! YUM!
  6. also grated stem of broccoli...it doesnt add broccoli taste. wierd but true!
  7. I've seen no-carb recipes substitute bread crumbs with grated parmesan cheese and crushed pork rinds.
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I am going to try everyones recipe's....eventually lol!